Welcome to my website!  I am a Stanford student who loves writing and tennis, so I decided to combine them by starting this blog in early 2010.  (You can find older articles in the monthly archive.)  I have published articles in Tennis View Magazine (USA), Australia Tennis Magazine, and the New York Observer magazine so far, as well as on a few tennis websites.  Please contact me if you like what you read here and would like me to write something for you.

I write about anything and everything connected to tennis, evenly balanced between the ATP and WTA.  Typically, I write pre-tournament previews of each Premier Mandatory, Premier Five, and Masters 1000 tournament as well as several of the lesser events with strong draws; these previews break down the draws quarter by quarter and project the semifinalists.  As each tournament progresses, I write match-by-match previews of later rounds.  For Slams, I write three-part previews during the previous week, a quarter-by-quarter draw breakdown on the previous weekend, and daily previews of the most intriguing matches (not necessarily those featuring the top players) during the first week. During the second week of the Slam, I preview every match.

After important tournaments and some less important tournaments, I write articles on the key events and performers of the previous week or fortnight.  Also, I preview all rounds of Fed Cup and Davis Cup, sometimes including the playoff rounds.  Finally, I write player profiles and more thematic articles during slower stretches of the season, often in response to your requests.

You can follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sharapovanovic if you want bite-sized morsels as well as full servings!